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5 Habits To Say In Shape

Achieving health and optimal fitness may seem like a daunting challenge, however, by following these 5 simple habits you will be on your way to looking and feeling great by spring time!

1. Always drink 8-12 glasses of water daily-drinking water promotes an active metabolism and will help you burn more calories and more fat each day!

2. Sleep 8 hours each night-studies have indicated people who do not receive adequate sleep are 55% less likely to achieve a reduction in fat loss. Lack of sleep disrupts the body’s ability to regulate insulin and also causes fatigue which will inhibit your exercise regimen

3. Eat 5-6 small meals-By eating 5-6 small meals you will prevent overeating, speed up your metabolism and effectively regulate blood sugar levels throughout the day

4. Eat 30 grams of fiber each day-By eating fiber rich foods such as fruits and vegetables that move quickly through the digestive track reduces the risk for obesity, heart disease and diabetes

5. Incorporate 30 minutes of cardio 3-5 times each week-Cardiovascular exercise is critical for heart health and promotes stamina. Not to mention cardio will burn excess fat and even contribute to muscle gains


Embrace Winter With These 5 Habits

Winter is the best time to work on our health and bodies. Spring will be here before we know it. These 5 winter habits will keep you looking and feeling amazing:

-Ice Skating-is not only fun it is an awesome way to improve your endurance while burning fat and improving your cardiovascular health. In addition ice skating will also help you build up the muscles in your legs which reduces cellulite. Ice skating also will help you to improve your balance!

-Walking-is a low impact safe winter activity which offers an excellent way to keep your mind and body healthy. Don’t underestimate its efficacy-on average you will burn about 415 calories each hour you walk.

-Yoga-thebenefits of yoga are extensive ranging from increased muscle strength and definition to improved respiration, energy, athletic performance and flexibility. Yoga, prevents the joints from deteriorating by stretching out the cartilage. Yoga is excellent for the body’s systems by supporting lymphatic drainage, blood flow as well as strengthening the bones and spine.

-Swimming– is an excellent activity to fight aging. A recent study indicated that regular swimmers are biologically 20 years younger than their actual age with dramatically improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Swimming is amazing for improving cognitive function, muscle mass, cardiovascular performance and blood chemistry.

-Dancing-inaddition to being fun and social dancing will keep your mind and body healthy. Studies show dancing will help you stay flexible, lose weight, reduce stress, make friends and reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s dise

Achieve A Glamorous Glow In Time For The Holidays

Holiday season is just a few weeks away but not to worry there is still plenty of time to kick your skin care regimen into high gear so you can have glowing radiant skin in time for the season’s social calendar. Regardless of age or skin type a great starting point in your pursuit of luminous skin is to begin with a facial. Don’t have just any facial treatment though; we recommend a medical grade oxygen facial which infuses the skin with a continuous flow of 95% pure oxygen leaving your face feeling fresh and revived. The purpose of an oxygen facial is to decongest the pores by removing toxins and impurities while evening the skin’s tone and texture. The result is brighter, tighter and smoother skin!

With thanksgiving just 2 days away it’s important not to pull any punches so you may want to consider amping up your vitamin regimen by adding some key supplements to enhance your skin. Grape seed, bilberry and green tea extracts are all rich in anti-oxidants and will protect you from sun damage and loss of elasticity keeping your skin tight and youthful. Chlorophyll is a potent leafy green-blue algae available in capsule and liquid form that supports lymphatic drainage-reducing puffiness while oxygenating the skin. Fish oil is also available in liquid and capsule form and has been proven to promote collagen production in addition to regulating the skin’s moisture production. Now is also a great time to increase your vitamin B intake to improve the function of the epidermis resulting in smoother, softer and healthier skin.

If fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, redness or scarring are a concern then you will definitely want to consider squeezing in a session or two of laser genesis. This procedure which is performed with a YAG laser is fast, painless and yields dramatic results by gently heating the dermis to stimulate collagen production. It is extremely popular among both men and women and is a surefire way to promote youthful looking skin. The best part about this laser treatment is that the results are immediate and there is no downtime at all.

Your final step in ensuring a brilliant complexion in time for this holidays is to keep up with your homework! It is crucial that you exfoliate at least once daily to effectively remove the dead skin cells from your pores. Always remember to apply moisturizer in the morning and a heavier cream at night time. Toners and serums are also excellent for targeting conditions specific to your skin. If you have any questions our team of physicians and aestheticians are always available to answer them for you.

CryoTherapy: The Healing Alternative

“Healthcare is not what it used to be!” An aging society among other stresses taxing the medical sector has led to dwindling capacity in our healthcare system making it impossible for physicians in the United States to deliver the level of individualized care we were once accustomed to. Today, it is not uncommon for physicians to administer excessive regimens of prescription drugs that effectively treat symptoms but neglect to address the underlying condition. It is a shame because the human body has amazing healing properties and a properly supported immune system can cure a vast number of medical conditions.

CryoTherapy which involves exposing the body to very low temperatures (-300° F) has been proven by researchers and scientists alike to activate the body’s immune response offering a myriad of health benefits. At Skintology we offer 3 different Cryo Therapy delivery systems:

•Cryo Sauna-The Cryo Sauna is a whole body chamber that delivers treatment to from the neck down. Sessions last about 3 minutes. This is our most popular option!

•Cryo Localized Therapy-Localized cryotherapy is administered by to problem areas and treatments can last up to 30 minutes. Localized Cryo is often used to perform Cryo Facials which improve the flow of blood to the face and minimize pore size resulting in an unbelievable glow!

•Cryo Compression Therapy-Cryo Compression Therapy involves wearing compression gear and is primarily performed to promote lymphatic drainage. Cryo Compression Therapy sessions last for approximately 1 hour

CryoTherapy improves circulation, lymphatic drainage, energy and overall endurance by reducing muscle soreness, pain, delayed onset muscle soreness, fatigue and inflammation.  The result is effective treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory disorders which include:



•Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

•Rheumatoid Arthritis


•Depression and Mood Disorders

•Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

•Chronic Pain Syndrome

•Inflammation of the tendons and joins

•Inflammation of the spine

In addition to having extensive healing properties CryoTherapy is excellent for healthy people as well with various health and beauty benefits including:

•Tighter and Healthier Skin

•Improved Surgical Recovery

•Cellulite Reduction

•Increased Metabolism and Calorie Reduction

•Effectively Treats Dermatitis and Psoraisis

•Increased Collagen Production

•Improved Circulation

Fall Into a Healthy Skin Care Regimen 

It is hard to believe that today marks the first day of Fall! Weekend beach excursions, clam bakes and relaxing by the pool may not seem like such a distant memory but it is time to embrace the changing of seasons and prepare our skin and bodies for what lies ahead.


Summer can wreak havoc on your skin. Hyper pigmentation, brown spots, wrinkles, rosacea and blemishes are all characteristic of sun damaged skin. At Skintology Cosmedical Aesthetics our team of expert physicians and laser technicians will work with you to treat these conditions using the latest techniques and technology. We offer a wide variety of laser treatments including:

•Fraxel CO2 Laser

•IPL (Photofacial)


We also offer treatments to help exfoliate your skin and remove dead cells which include:



•Full Body Scrub


Achieving perfect skin is not easy and will require a carefully curated regimen of treatments and products to suit your individual skin type and problem areas. When you visit Skintology our expert aestheticians will work with you to develop a skin care regimen to:



•Treat Problem Areas


Proper skin care requires careful planning and a dynamic skin care protocol. At Skintology we offer an unprecedented value to our clients delivering a holistic approach to skin wellness that does not stop at the door. Call one of our convenient locations at 212-832-2225 (Midtown) or 212-989-6555 (Chelsea) and schedule a complimentary skin care evaluation.

Featured Mask @Skintology

At Skintology we pride ourselves on paying special attention to each and every one of our customers and their needs. That’s why this week we’re introducing a WHOLE NEW MASK!

It’s our exclusive Skintology mask, made of the finest ingredients and is used in combination with moisturizers to help oily, normal, or dry skin types. The mask incorporates an herbal powder and concoction of minerals to enrich the skin and revitalize the soft feel that everyone loves.

If you come in to receive the mask treatment, we’re offering a special mask service, where different skin types will be layered with different moisturizers to help the skin absorb the mask! Oily skin will be treated with a special moisturizer, dryskin will be treated with collagen, and normal skin will be treated and nourished. Then the mask is put on your face and the heat from the mask and your own regular body heat will help the open, clean pores absorb the mask and bring your skin back to a healthy glow!

This mask is perfect for a pre-fall treatment, call today at 212-982-6555 or 212-832-2225 to make an appointment today!

The Causes of Cellulite and How To Remove

Over 90% of women, and some men, suffer from cellulite at some point in their life. Cellulite is the term used to describe the dimpled appearance of skin caused by fatty deposits beneath the skins surface. Cellulite most commonly occurs on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and arms. The appearance of cellulite can often make one self conscious when wearing swim suits, dresses, and skirts. Read below to learn about what causes cellulite and how you can reduce its appearance.

Causes of Cellulite:

  • Unhealthy diet: Alcohol, fatty foods and caffeine can all be attributed to that unsightly cellulite on your body. Toxins from these foods get trapped in fatty tissue and cause cellulite to appear.
  • Poor exercise habits: Although cellulite can be found on all body types, it is most common in overweight people. Lack of exercise stiffens the tissue in the skin that causes the dimples.
  • Genetics: If people in your immediate family suffer from cellulite, you have a high chance of having it too.
    Dehydration: Water will help flush out toxins that cause cellulite. Lack of water will increase appearance of cellulite.

How to Remove Cellulite:

  • Cellulite Creams: Creams containing Shea butter and peptide molecules claim to remove cellulite by firming the skin and stimulating collagen production.
  • Improved Exercise & Diet: Following a strict diet and exercise regimen can help decrease the appearance of cellulite.
  • Medical Treatments: Advanced treatments such as smart liposuction and mesotherapy are performed by a doctor to remove cellulite. For severe cellulite cases, this method sometimes may be your only option to effectively remove cellulite.
  • Radiofrequency treatments: This is a popular non surgical method for reducing the appearance of cellulite. Treatments such as Velashape have become popular because of their ability to manipulate fatty tissue and smooth out the skin, thus eliminating cellulite.

The above treatments are only effective when paired with good exercise and diet habits to supplement them. Remember to drink lots of water and stay away from foods that are high in fat and sugar. Speak to a medical professional or licensed aesthetician to learn more about invasive and non-invasive treatment options to remove cellulite.

Inside a Skintology Facial

Ever wonder what goes on inside the facial room at Skintology? We crafted this blog post specifically for anyone who has never had a facial at Skintology and wants to know what exactly is involved. At Skintology, we understand that everyone’s skin is different and has different needs. Because of this, we make sure each client has a customized facial to suit their skin type.

Today, our aesthetician Kristina will be performing a facial on Jessica at our 57th Street location! Kristina has been doing facials for over 15 years and has worked at many high end spas including the renowned Donald Trump Mar-A-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida. We are happy to have her join the Skintology team and she is rapidly becoming a favorite among our clients in Midtown!

Step 1: The Consultation:

The first step is to discuss the problems that the client has over their skin and the issues they would like to address. Once the aesthetician and client are both satisfied with the information discussed, the facial process can begin. The client will then change into a gown which will cover you from your underarms down. The client will then get in the bed and under the covers, for a little siesta while the facial process begins.

Step 2: The Cleanse:

Using a cleanser and warm water, the aesthetician will begin to cleanse the skin of products, oils and other impurities from the outside. This is done by using cotton and rubbing the skin in circular motion; starting at the forehead down towards the neck. Circular motion is used to help promote blood flow and loosen up impurities.

Step 3: Exfoliation:

The next step is exfoliation. Using a scrub, the aesthetician exfoliates the skin to remove the dead top layers of the dermis. This process allows for the moisturizers and serums used in the facial to better penetrate the skin. Microdermabrasion (mechanical exfoliation) can be added to the facial for a more thorough exfoliation.

Step 4: The Massage (the part where everyone falls asleep at):

After the client is fully cleansed and exfoliated the relaxation begins. A massage of the face and the décolletage (neck area), will be giving to stimulate blood flow and begin relaxation. This may last between 10 and 15 mins.

Step 5: Extractions

With the use a steam machine, the aesthetician will steam the face. This process will help to open pores and loosen up plugs in the pores to help in the extraction process.
Extractions are done with the use of gauze pads or Kleenex’s as she applies light pressure and squeezes pores to help de-clog them.
Once all extractions are finished and you have been rid of all facial impurities, the aesthetician will begin to tone the face. A final step in cleaning and calming the skin down. We use a Cucumber toner to help even out the skin tone and produce a cleaner, firmer looking skin.

Step 6: Clarifying

The final step would be to apply a mask (for example: clay masque for oily skin, hydrating masque for dry skin). You will be left alone under the masque for at least 15mins to absorb the full effects of the mask. Nap time again!

When it’s time the mask is removed with cotton pads, water, or a hot towel.

The final step is to apply a moisturizer with SPF before sending the client out.

Once your facial is over, the aesthetician will give you some suggestions on which products to use to maintain your skin at home until your next facial.

Thank you for reading. Mention this blog post and receive 20% off your first Facial at Skintology!

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