Ever wonder what goes on inside the facial room at Skintology? We crafted this blog post specifically for anyone who has never had a facial at Skintology and wants to know what exactly is involved. At Skintology, we understand that everyone’s skin is different and has different needs. Because of this, we make sure each client has a customized facial to suit their skin type.

Today, our aesthetician Kristina will be performing a facial on Jessica at our 57th Street location! Kristina has been doing facials for over 15 years and has worked at many high end spas including the renowned Donald Trump Mar-A-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida. We are happy to have her join the Skintology team and she is rapidly becoming a favorite among our clients in Midtown!

Step 1: The Consultation:

The first step is to discuss the problems that the client has over their skin and the issues they would like to address. Once the aesthetician and client are both satisfied with the information discussed, the facial process can begin. The client will then change into a gown which will cover you from your underarms down. The client will then get in the bed and under the covers, for a little siesta while the facial process begins.

Step 2: The Cleanse:

Using a cleanser and warm water, the aesthetician will begin to cleanse the skin of products, oils and other impurities from the outside. This is done by using cotton and rubbing the skin in circular motion; starting at the forehead down towards the neck. Circular motion is used to help promote blood flow and loosen up impurities.

Step 3: Exfoliation:

The next step is exfoliation. Using a scrub, the aesthetician exfoliates the skin to remove the dead top layers of the dermis. This process allows for the moisturizers and serums used in the facial to better penetrate the skin. Microdermabrasion (mechanical exfoliation) can be added to the facial for a more thorough exfoliation.

Step 4: The Massage (the part where everyone falls asleep at):

After the client is fully cleansed and exfoliated the relaxation begins. A massage of the face and the décolletage (neck area), will be giving to stimulate blood flow and begin relaxation. This may last between 10 and 15 mins.

Step 5: Extractions

With the use a steam machine, the aesthetician will steam the face. This process will help to open pores and loosen up plugs in the pores to help in the extraction process.
Extractions are done with the use of gauze pads or Kleenex’s as she applies light pressure and squeezes pores to help de-clog them.
Once all extractions are finished and you have been rid of all facial impurities, the aesthetician will begin to tone the face. A final step in cleaning and calming the skin down. We use a Cucumber toner to help even out the skin tone and produce a cleaner, firmer looking skin.

Step 6: Clarifying

The final step would be to apply a mask (for example: clay masque for oily skin, hydrating masque for dry skin). You will be left alone under the masque for at least 15mins to absorb the full effects of the mask. Nap time again!

When it’s time the mask is removed with cotton pads, water, or a hot towel.

The final step is to apply a moisturizer with SPF before sending the client out.

Once your facial is over, the aesthetician will give you some suggestions on which products to use to maintain your skin at home until your next facial.

Thank you for reading. Mention this blog post and receive 20% off your first Facial at Skintology!