Many people grapple with the decision of getting laser hair removal. They often ponder whether laser is right for them.

Is it worth it? How much do I have to spend? Will it hurt?

These are some of the questions one asks when considering laser hair removal treatments. If laser hair removal is something you are considering then read below to determine if this treatment is right for you.

Reasons to get Laser Hair Removal:

Eliminate the need to Wax, Shave or Pluck: Laser hair removal replaces the need for other tedious hair removal methods. Although shaving is required between sessions, once you are finished your sessions, you will be hair free. Of course, depending on your hair cycle, touch-ups are required periodically. However, this still outweighs the monthly trip to your beloved waxer, or the daily shave routine. If you’re like me, prior to getting laser, I’d shave one day, only to notice some stubble appear the next day. Not fun. If this sounds like you, laser hair removal is definitely the way to go.
Bye Bye Ingrowns & Shaving Bumps: What is up with ingrown hairs? Especially on the bikini area? Talk about painful and unsightly. If this is something you struggle with then laser hair removal should definitely be in your future. Laser eliminates the appearance of ingrown hairs in as little as one treatment and makes the skin smoother. Hellooo silky smooth skin!
Cost: When you do the math, laser hair removal is actually the cost-effective way to go. Yes it seems like a lot of money at first but let’s use our math skills for a second: Say you get a Brazilian wax once a month at $60. After a year that equals $720; and if you’re a hairy beast like me and have been waxing for over 5 years..hmmm.. that adds up to $3,600 and counting. Yikes! Now, one session of laser hair removal for Brazilian = $269 and the average person needs at least 6 sessions. That totals up $1,614, however, Skintology offers up to 30-50% off on packages, so in reality you are paying around $1,000 (and sometimes less depending on the current specials) for the package. Ding Ding, we have a winner!
Less Painful & Quicker than Waxing: Everyone dreads this moment: hot wax is applied on skin, muslin strip is put on, and then it comes time to rip it off. Ah! I cringed just typing it. Although laser hair removal isn’t painless, when compared to waxing, I’d say it’s about half as painful (of course everyone’s tolerance for pain is different). Also, on average, a Brazilian wax can take 25-30 minutes. Our FDA approved lasers have you out of there in 15 minutes! If the pain is unbearable, a topical anesthetic can be applied, free of charge (with the purchase of a full price package). Ah, the benefits just keep adding up.

You might not want to consider Laser Hair Removal if…

You have very light hair: Since laser targets pigment, the darker the hair the better. Unfortunately, if you have very blonde, white or grey hair, laser might not be right for you. However, we always encourage you to come in for a free consultation, and the laser tech will let you know what you can realistically expect from your laser hair removal treatments.
You enjoy fun in the sun: If you are a beach bunny then you will have to wait until you are ready to give the sun a break to begin treatments. For best results, we recommend avoiding sun 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after treatment. Safety first people!
You are pregnant or nursing: Wait until you are done nursing before doing laser hair removal. Your body is going through so many hormonal changes it just wouldn’t be worth it for you. Trust us.
You are not consistent: We recommend spacing laser treatments 4-6 weeks apart, and at most 8 weeks. If you can’t regularly follow this schedule, you should hold off. Consistency is key when destroying those stubborn hair follicles!

Well there you have it- the ins and outs of laser hair removal. To learn more about Laser Hair Removal.