Whoa it’s hot outside! Your skin must be getting oily, sweaty, and overall uncomfortable during the summer sizzle. Here in NYC, it’s even harder while walking around to keep that skin clear and keep yourself looking refreshed, but we’ve got some tips for you!

1) Keep the skin clean!
– This means washing twice a day and using minimal makeup. We suggest foundations that aren’t liquid, or if they are they should be breathable! Make sure your skin makeup is kept on the light side (and won’t clog your pores) and that your cleanser is not going to strip your skin of natural oils. Here in Skintology we carry Skinceuticals and other brands that will help your face stay oil free and clean all summer long.

2) Come in for some facials!
– Facials, apart from being absolutely relaxing, can help relieve the toll the summer has taken on your skin. By allowing the skin to be cleansed and exfoliated, the dust and sweat will be cleaned from deep within your pores, allowing your skin to breathe again.

3)Take care of scars.
– Don’t pick on acne, because it will cause scarring! We have a laser treatment here that will help with those scars (call for more details) but in the meantime make sure your skin around the area is clean so it won’t get aggravated. We all have summer events to go to, why have them ruined by acne or scarring?!

4) Hydrate!
– This, above all, will help your skin immensely this summer by replenishing the water inside your body to naturally fight acne and oil on your skin. Plus, it gives you a ton of energy!

If you liked these tips or want to check out any of our services, please call us at our Chelsea location at 212-989-6555 or Midtown location at 212-832-2225! You can always ask about which services are offered at each location and if you would like to schedule a consultation our receptionists and aestheticians are always available to help you.