At Skintology we pride ourselves on paying special attention to each and every one of our customers and their needs. That’s why this week we’re introducing a WHOLE NEW MASK!

It’s our exclusive Skintology mask, made of the finest ingredients and is used in combination with moisturizers to help oily, normal, or dry skin types. The mask incorporates an herbal powder and concoction of minerals to enrich the skin and revitalize the soft feel that everyone loves.

If you come in to receive the mask treatment, we’re offering a special mask service, where different skin types will be layered with different moisturizers to help the skin absorb the mask! Oily skin will be treated with a special moisturizer, dryskin will be treated with collagen, and normal skin will be treated and nourished. Then the mask is put on your face and the heat from the mask and your own regular body heat will help the open, clean pores absorb the mask and bring your skin back to a healthy glow!

This mask is perfect for a pre-fall treatment, call today at 212-982-6555 or 212-832-2225 to make an appointment today!