Rosacea is an embarrassing an uncomfortable skin condition characterized by chronic flushing and periods of prolonged redness of the cheeks, nose and forehead

affecting more than 14 million Americans. The condition typically begins after age 30 and is more common in women than men. Rosacea flare ups can be extreme and  often unpredictable.

Treating rosacea is a very delicate art because the skin is ultra sensitive and most skin care products are simply too abrasive for these areas. Our rosacea facial is just what the doctor ordered. Unlike a traditional the rosacea facial is a steam-free treatment which relies on custom curated cosmeceuticals to gently exfoliate the skin. Next a detoxifying lymphatic drainage massage is performed to release toxins   while reducing lymph fluid congestion to assist in regenerating the damaged tissue.  We then apply a prescription strength topical designed to desensitize the skin preventing future rosacea attacks. A delicate mask is then used to hydrate the skin and lock in the results!