If your skin is clean and well hydrated you may ask yourself why bother with a serum. The truth is that applying the right serum can make all the difference in unlocking a glowing and vibrant complexion. Unfortunately, even the most potent creams on the market cannot effectively penetrate the outer layers of the skin. They simply sit on the top of the skin forming a protective barrier of hydration.

Serums on the other hand are derived from active ingredients containing tiny molecules that are able to effectively penetrate the outer layers of the skin and deliver highly potent doses of the chosen ingredients. There are various serums designed to address your specific concerns. For example, a Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid serum is excellent for anti-aging and brightening while a Vitamin B serum is used for hydration and an Acai serum is great for retexturing the skin.

To maximize the complexion boosting effects of serums we always recommend cleansing with warm water to open the pores prior to applying your serum of choice. After a few minutes once the serum has penetrated the skin you should always seal it in with a moisturizer. The results will amaze you!